What To Write When Nothing Seems Right

           Just like any good magazine, radio show, or TV show this blog needs people s input to be awesome. Sometimes even a person so smart as myself gets writers block, and has a tough time coming up with ideas for what to write about. If you have an idea you’d like me to tackle with little to no seriousness, but with a great amount of humor and sarcasm let me know. Shoot me an email at djwillis88@aol.com, or comment on here and let me know what you’d like to hear about.


2 Responses to “What To Write When Nothing Seems Right”

  1. I have no ideas for your current situation as I’m generally empty on my own until something random happens. HOWEVER, I will give you the key to developing even the simplest of ideas:

  2. Hey I realized after my comment on your “Going My Ass To College” blog that not only do you have excellent taste in themes, you also started your blog in June as well. Stalker.

    Anyway, I am working up a separate page on my site that I plan on electronically vomiting random Afghanistan stories onto. You’re welcome to check it and hope it will trigger… er, inspire some thoughts.

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